To Sesan Peter

David Oyawoye
3 min readMay 22, 2020


Sesan on Table Mountain, Cape Town.

I met Sesan on February 1st, 2016. Our relationship followed a rather unusal trajectory: first an acquaintance, to a colleague, then to a friend, a Robin, a fellow comrade, and now, a brother.

I thought to myself: What was the best way to say goodbye to Sesan — as he leaves to another company to pursue a different path in his career — after having the pleasure of working with him for almost 4 years (including his internship).

I decided to write this about 4 weeks ago, but couldn’t bring myself to, refusing to face the fact that come the 22nd of May, I wouldn’t be able to send him a slack message or randomly badge into the UI/UX studio to talk about anything and everything.

I met Sesan when he was in 400 level at Covenant University. This brilliant young man that understood how to solve problems and was confident with his methods and delivery; this made him sought after by many — including Softcom.

Sesan joined us at Softcom for his internship — we absolutely fell in love with him [thank you for allowing me “discover you”]; His calmness, sincerity, inquisitiveness, compassion and earnestness to solve big and small problems. I remember giving Sesan my first MacBook during his internship to make sure he could do his best work; I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to be part of your success story, and even more importantly — your struggles.

Struggles; we’ve had a lot of struggles — from being nomads literally without a place to call home, we’ve literally slept on countless couches together and even slept in my car. We have faced uncertain times; but for every time the going got tough, we, the tough got growing — together — 2018.

2018, I have refused to revisit that year as I wonder if it made me a better person or perhaps took me back in time, whatever the case is; but knowing you were there — made the difference, your friendship was invaluable.

Value, we’ve delivered value together, be it a platform that was designed by us to power learning for half a million Nigerians, or giving people a head start in their businesses. Working with you meant the world.

I’ve thought to myself, for the past one month now, that if I knew the end of your journey as my colleague was closer than I imagined, what would I have done differently? I know the answer now — nothing. It was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Although, being human — I still have wishes.

I wish we had more time to fight more battles being on the same sides — charged up against the odds. But I’ve quickly come to realise, maybe we’ve only been on the training grounds all along, getting ready to fight other battles through a partnership we may have seen coming, but refused to admit.

Partnerships — all I can tell the world is; watch out.

I wish you the very best my younger brother, just like I wish for my biological younger brother. I pray you will outdo me; no matter how much I get to achieve in my lifetime. I know you’ve looked up to me for quite some time, I need you to know that I am happy as I see you soar. I love you.

Amoris et lux,

David Oyawoye.