6 years an “intern” at softcom

2019: With the best team anyone could hope for.


An opportunity to start earning [relatively little] money while learning on the job — shifting our employer from our parents, a guardian, or anyone who sponsors our existence.


But can I describe the orchestration of the universe in perfect symphony with my mom and dad’s continuous prayers over the years for me to always find myself in the right place, at the right time, with the right company as being lucky? Perhaps no. I can acknowledge my readiness — not everything is luck — I can say that I had built quite a decent track record, met people, learned and added value. Without taking away from chance, I can acknowledge that all the experiences I had had up to that level guided me and positioned me to be at the right place at the right time. To be discovered.

Being discovered

As an undergraduate, I had earned a reputation of being a “creative genius”. I was running a media brand called Rapid Focus — helping people get their ideas off the ground; ideating with founders, designing their brands and creating marketing material and ads that premiered in the chapel hall to an audience of 3–8 thousand students, depending on the event.

Fulfilling an impossible promise

As I would often do when I had a stressful few hours ahead of me, I went to the cafeteria and bought Ewa Agoyin, which knocked me for at least 4 hours. I cultivated this habit all through my time in school, and it came in useful when trying to prepare for particularly stressful examinations.

Beating time

Iyke brought up a brilliant idea; the team/network render. He proposed that we use the computing power of several Macbooks connected by a local area network running 3D max. Now the question is, where do we find several students willing to lend us their Macbooks to get this done. I went around the halls, friends, friends of friends, to ask if they could do me a solid one. We had 6 Macbooks running 3D max in a couple of hours, including mine — rendering the video. This cut the render time from 35 hours to 10 — a significant margin of possibility.

Iyke at Dr’s office, as we wait for the final render — I again, was behind the camera.

My very first work for Softcom, seen.

Yomi and Seindemi had not seen the ad yet because it only just got ready — this intensified my tension. What if they thought it wasn’t good? Well, at that point, there was only one way to find out.

It meant everything.

My first and only “open cheque.”

“Let me know what you guys want for this.”

Ready for the future? and Future Ready

Life went on after that day, and I had one more semester to go. I never did respond to Yomi’s email and never reached out afterwards. Six months later, I was done with school, and Dr Oludayo offered to take me home to Lekki as he was heading for a press conference in VI. But he was running quite late, and I had to follow him for the Diamond Bank’s HQ meeting as he didn’t have time to drop me at home first.

The question that snowballed into an internship

After the press conference, we had a brief moment to chat. I decided to ask Yomi, “what does Softcom do?” He simply replied, “come over to the office and find out”. I went to the office the following Monday, 15th June 2015 — and every other day after that over the next two weeks — I took responsibility for every media need for the conference — it was mind blowing for me.

6 years an “intern” at Softcom

It is difficult to describe my experience working or entirely, should I rather say “interning” at Softcom for the last six years. One thing I know is this; I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

R-L: Me, Yomi, Seindemi and Tomi at the Solar Observatory, Stanford Dish Hiking Trail

What does the past hold?

We often confront ourselves with the somewhat inevitable question, “what does the future hold?” Those who can answer it with a single breath are pretty fortunate. For me, to honestly answer this question, I take a retrospective glance at the past. A proper understanding of what I am leaving behind may help me understand and embrace the responsibility I am stepping into.

What the future holds

Without self-doubt, with the commitment to do my best work — I intend to be worthy of the attention I’ll command and continuously increase the brilliance I bring to the table.

Deliberate Chaos

Life unfolds in different ways, sometimes when we are in situ — other times in freefall, a dive over the ledge — but whichever way it reveals itself, I have complete trust in my ability to find stability once again after creating deliberate chaos.



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David Oyawoye

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